White is the colour and giant is the flag

Welcome to the inaugural post of our new blog! We’re hoping to update it at least twice a week with news, projects, and other interesting information.

What better way to kick things off than with the mega-flag we just put together for Vancouver’s Whitecaps. The circular white flag with Bell’s logo is 64 feet in diameter and made its own debut on March 19th at Empire Field where the Whitecaps are playing until their new home at BC Place is completed. Our production team assembled it from 12 separate printed panels.

The complexity of the job posed quite a few challenges which included answering the following questions:

Do we have enough material on hand to print and sew this in 3 days?

(A: Yes, but only due to the serendipitous arrival of the fabric just as everyone was about to hit the panic button.)

Do we have time enough to get this done?

(A: Of course! Our “official” production time is 2 to 3 weeks, but the reality is that we meet our customers’ due dates, even if it means that our production manager has to work past midnight – which was the case with this flag!)

Do we have space to properly fold this flag before delivering it?

(A: Not quite!  The flag was 64 feet long and our production department is 63 feet long.  So we sent a team over to the PNE to spread it out in the lobby of Pacific Coliseum in order to fold it. You can watch the time lapse of that process below the fold.) 

Despite the obstacles and short turnaround time, the flag was delivered on time, and it will continue to be seen at future matches. In addition to that flag, we also made the Canadian flags flying at the venue as well as the street banners near the field.

Bell Flag for the Vancouver Whitecaps Bell Flag on Empire Field
Bell Flag in progress The finished flag on Empire Field

How to fold an enormous circular flag:

Starring Bani, Vladi, and Julia!

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