What in the sam heck is going on around The Flag Shop Vancouver?

The Big Decision crew setting up at The Flag Shop Vancouver

Stalking the lighting crew

We’ve had a lot of excitement around our office lately. A whirlwind of activity has engulfed us because we’re going to be on TV! For once, it won’t be about hideous clown flags (do you think those are poised for a comeback?), Canucks flags (sigh), or how to make Canadian flags (classic!).

We’re going BIG this time…  CBC’s The Big Decision, that is.

We’ve been tripping over power cords, getting shushed by crew members while they try to film people crying (just kidding, they’re lovely), and telling anyone who will listen that we’re not here to make friends (that’s a lie, we’re totally here to make friends). In the end, we’re hoping that Arlene Dickinson will shine her investment light upon us and give us the boost we need to take The Flag Shop and Textile Image to the next level.

What is the next level? Well, that’s part of the journey. Won’t you join us? We’ll be documenting everything RIGHT HERE as it goes down for better or for worse.

Cheer us on here and on Facebook as we try to meet THREE challenges in ONE week!

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