The Flag Shop Hits the Highway with Guardians of the Children

The Flag Shop Hits the Highway with Guardians of the Children (1)

When Guardians of the Children called The Flag Shop, they knew they wanted motorcycle flags that were both cost effective and quality.

After hearing about what Guardians of the Children stand for, The Flag Shop President, Susan Braverman, wasn’t wGuardians of the Childrenilling to just sell the biker group some flags; she wanted to go above and beyond their expectations.  By reaching out to her network in the industry and pulling some strings in our production department, Susan not only found a way to make custom motorcycle flags for the Guardians of the Children, but she was also able to design and create custom friendship pins for the biker group!

We were excited to help such a unique cause!  Why? Because at The Flag Shop, our goal is to change the world one flag at a time!

So who exactly are Guardians of the Children?

“We’re a group of bikers on a mission to power the children,” said “Mama Bear”, member of Guardians of the Children’s Vancouver chapter who asked to be anonymous.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Guardians of the Children are an international group of bikers on a mission to protect children from abuse.  The group started with its San Antonio, Texas chapter in 2006, then Winnipeg started the first Canadian chapter in 2014, and in January of this year, a chapter opened up in Vancouver.

What better way to change the world than to make products for a group of bikers that protects children from abuse?!  In fact, we loved the cause so much that we gave Guardians of the Children a hefty discount on their purchase of custom motorcycle flags and friendship pins.

On June 12th, Guardians of the Children embarked on an International Pledge Ride to spread awareness of their cause, and pledge commitment to the children.  And guess what went along for the ride?  The amazing flags and pins from The Flag Shop!

The pins aren’t just any pins… they’re friendship pins!

Guardians of the Children

“The friendship pins represent a united brother and sisterhood between Canadian and American Guardians of the Children chapters.  They are also meant to support the mission of the Guardians,” said “Mama Bear”.  The Vancouver chapter gifted some of the friendship pins to a chapter in Washington recently. “Mama Bear” hopes to continue sharing the pins to other American chapters as well.

As for the flags?  The flags showcase the Guardians of the Children’s mission to protect the children, spread awareness about child abuse, and prevent bullying.  The black and blue flags waved across the highway on June 12th for the Guardians of the Children’s International Pledge Ride!

I think it goes without saying that we love working with causes!  Are you looking for ways to showcase your unique cause?  Contact your nearest Flag Shop to chat with a member of our team!

Until next time,

Ally Quinney
Public Relations & Social Media Manager

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