The Big Decision Challenges: Day 1 of 7


So as Susan explained in the last post, we have SEVEN DAYS to complete THREE challenges.

The largest challenge is the most labour intensive.

We have to sell off a huge amount of deadstock.

We’ve been in the flag business since 1975. We have a LOT of inventory to clean out.

As of this writing, it is 2:00 pm PDT and so far we have two large spreadsheets. The first is a list of our “factory seconds” – flags that (to the untrained eye) look perfectly fine but to us have small printing flaws that makes them second tier to our regular flags. The second is a list of unsold shield crests. How many more are there to go?

Edit: 3:18 pm – Houston, we have stick flags. I repeat, 6×10 and 8×12 stick flags.

Stay tuned. We’ll be posting lists and prices before the end of the day today tomorrow at noon Pacific.

We’ve also got something in the works for our Vancouver store this weekend. You won’t want to miss this!

Factory Seconds for sale
Goodbye, factory seconds, so sad to see you go!

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