Our 2016 Annual General Meeting

Greetings from Toronto! (Actually, we’re back in Vancouver now.)

Last week, head office staff and franchise owners came together in Toronto for our Annual General Meeting. This is our yearly chance to meet, greet, discuss, plan, and party, and did we ever accomplish all that and more! Since this year the meeting was in Toronto, we also did a few supplier visits and got to see firsthand just how a flagpole is made (I’ll write more on that next week). Below are some photographic highlights of the 2016 AGM Toronto.

The Flag Shop AGM takes place every year in January. This is an opportunity for all of the franchises across Canada to come together. Our next AGM will be right at home in Vancouver BC, and we’re already excited for it!

We are wearing pink today!

Staff in our stores across the country wore pink for Pink Shirt Day (February 25th)!

The Flag Shop Vancouver donated 1,000 Anti-Bullying paper stick flags to I Am Someone‘s annual Walk2Talk event on February 22nd.

Going to the extremes

Our flags have gone to some hard to reach places before, but the South Pole beats the previous winner of Mt. Kilimanjaro for most remote!

The Flag Shop Toronto made the digitally printed 3′ x 5′ Yahoo! Canada flag which was taken by Dr. Heather Ross and the Test Your Limits Team to the South Pole to raise awareness for heart failure research, cardiac transplantation and heart health.

Congratulations on your successful journey!