Insider Info: Transit Pennants


In the Pinterest age it’s easy to get caught up in the fun times and adorableness that is a pennant string. While they do add whimsy to garden parties, birthdays and big celebrations, pennant flags can also serve a communicative purpose. Historically, pennant flags were used to mark ships at sea and could indicate the ship’s intention and loyalties. While many ships still fly them today, another use has emerged.

On Granville Street

On Granville Street

Here’s something to think about next time that you’re waiting for the bus. If you notice a bit of construction going on look up, way up, and check out the orange and white pennant flags hanging from the trolley cables. These flags are used to signal to bus drivers that a line has been moved. In addition, the drivers of over-height vehicles can also make use of them to avoid low electrical wires. The Flag Shop supplies these pennants to Coast Mountain Bus Company; BC Hydro uses pennants too, only theirs are orange only with no white.

Pennants aren’t only attractive but they are also great communicators.

The more you know.