Vancouver Aquarium’s fabulous marketing (and we helped!)

Buzzfeed posted a list of some of the Vancouver Aquarium’s recent campaigns. We made the banners in #5 for their Sharks and Rays exhibit, and their new jellyfish banners should be up soon downtown!

Photo from Buzzfeed, but the original appears to belong to Chad Jones and Tony Hird?

Banner for Love World Run

Retractable BannerWhen Wayne Cho decided to raise awareness about mental illness (specifically anxiety and bipolar disorders), he did it with the activity that has helped him get a handle on both in his own life – running. With Love World Run, he completed a 8,200 km run across Canada in 2009, before embarking on a 7,500 km run across the USA that wrapped up in November 2012.

Up next – the world. After having completed his cross-country run of the US, he will start up again in London, England and make his way to Sydney, Australia.

We made this custom retractable banner for him to show our support for his cause, and we wish him the best of luck in reaching his ambitious goal!

A custom retractable banner for Dachshund Rescue Team

Dachshund Rescue Team custom bannerWe love dogs! Julia, our Business Development Manager, recently added to the pack that comes to our office by adopting a dog named Lizzy.

As a way of saying thank you to Dachshund Rescue Team for matching her with her new friend and facilitating the adoption process, we designed and printed a custom retractable banner for them.

Angela at Dachshund Rescue Team will be using it for different trade shows and events that they attend to spread awareness for their organization.


Extra large seamless backdrop for the UBCP/ACTRA Awards

While we’ve made quite a few backdrops for different events, this one is extra special because of its size and substrate. This backdrop for the UBCP/ACTRA Awards is our first to be printed on our Coast Display fabric and is one seamless 96″ x 144″ panel printed on our latex printer.

UBCP/Actra Awards Backdrop

Max, their event planner, had this to say:

Hi Brenda,

I have just received the backdrop, Wow! It looks great! Thank you so much. Please can you thank all your staff who have helped work on this, it is perfect. I will of course recommend you to anyone else that needs anything similar and we look forward to doing business with you again in the future!

All the best,


While not that exciting standing all alone, you can see the backdrop in action on the Union of BC Performer’s site.

Beyond the Bag Eco-fashion Showcase

Last week, we attended the Beyond the Bag Eco-Fashion Showcase out at SFU’s Surrey campus to see what it looks like when a team of excessively creative high school sewing students take old banners and scrap fabric and turn them into wearable art as part of the Banner Bags program. The results were mind-blowingly good. The participants made everything from a dress with a full bustle to an umbrella cover to a messenger bag. Our gallery on Facebook has photos of some of the clothes on display.

Here is a photo of the banner we made for them:

Banner Bags team

Congratulations to the winners

IYC banner installation – with video!

IYC 2012 continues apace. Thanks to it being wholeheartedly embraced by co-ops across Canada, not only do we get to see all sorts of cool photos, but now we have this time-lapse video of a vinyl10′ x 40′ banner we made being installed at The Co-operators head office in Guelph. Bucking tradition, they did not use “Yakety Sax” as the soundtrack, but “Ride of the Valkyries” totally works here.

Providing IYC 2012 products has been our big project this year, and we’re quite proud of all products we’ve made to help co-ops and credit unions get the word out. I’m not sure if we’ll have the same success with 2013’s International Year of Quinoa, but we can hope.

If your co-op wants its own building banner, see our IYC website for details.

New Brunswick earns a badge in banner making

A few months ago, the New Brunswick shop had put together a marketing campaign targeted to campgrounds. Part of that included a spiffy header image of a tent and three flags flying above it. Originally the three flags were Canada, New Brunswick, and Acadia, but after the St. Michael’s Scout troop saw it, they thought it would be great with the Scouts logo in place of the Acadian flag. Since we live to accommodate, we made a new version of the image just for them which was then printed on vinyl for their troop. They look pretty happy with it!

Banner for Saint Michaels Scouts

Banner for Saint Michaels Scouts

West Vancouver – Always thinking ahead

West Vancouver recently received recognition from the United Nations as a Global Green City – something we do not find at all surprising here. When the Vancouver 2010 Olympic banner program was being finalized, West Vancouver decided opt out of the bulk order that VANOC was place and instead have their Olympic banners printed on Echotex (our 100% recycled banner textile), as part of their committment to sustainability.  Naturally, this enthusiasm for the environment has bled over into other aspects of their municipality and now they have the official recognition to prove it.  On April 8th in New York City, the United Nations awarded West Vancouver a Medal Certificate and recognition as a Global Green City.

So congratulations, West Van! Keep up the good work.

Here are their Olympic street banners printed on Echotex:

West Vancouver Olympic Banner - 1 West Vancouver Olympic Banner - 2 West Vancouver Olympic Banner - 3 West Vancouver Olympic Banner - 4

Read about West Vancouver’s award here.

Kids These Days

Here at The Flag Shop, we take our role in the community seriously. We give back when we can in the best way we know how – with our time, resources, and expertise. So we couldn’t resist when Jennifer Hao phoned up out of the blue to find out about getting a banner printed for the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network – a community project she had spearheaded on her own after having helped her school win the Canada’s Greenest School contest in 2010. She didn’t know exactly what she was looking for, but fortunately, she got to speak to Susan who was working after hours and decided to donate the banner to the budding civic organizer.

BYSN Banner

Banner for Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network

Printed on Echotex®, the 46″x96″ banner shows off the logo of the organization and will be used at their events including the upcoming Do It Green Burnaby 2011. We wish them the best of luck!