Victoria’s last minute Pride Flag for the legislature

All across Canada, pride flags have been flying in support of LGBT rights as Canada participates in the Sochi Winter Olympics. The cities of Vancouver and Victoria raised their flags on the opening day of the Olympics. The BC Legislature took a little extra time to get theirs up, and The Flag Shop Victoria was integral to that process.

NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert wrote to Speaker Linda Reid requesting that the flag be flown at the legislature, and the approval came through on Wednesday. Paul Servos, the owner of The Flag Shop Victoria, got a rush order for a 45″ x 90″ pride flag at 9 a.m. on Thursday. He managed to sew it all together from 200D nylon in the shop in time to deliver it by noon to the Office of Protocol, and the flag was raised around 1 pm. That’s quick service!

“In Victoria we enjoy these challenging projects as our smaller sewing room allows us to do customization creatively with excellent value for the customer” – Paul.

Here’s a video of the flag raising (bonus: you can also see how to rig a halyard with a flag that has a rope and toggle):

In addition, tomorrow is The Flag Shop Victoria’s 1 year anniversary of rejoining us! They have done some great projects over the past year.

Street banners for Honda Celebration of Light

The 23rd Celebration of Light fireworks competition is coming up soon! A staple of Vancouver summers, you can watch them from your favourite vantage point on July 27th, July 31st, and August 3rd.

Right now, you can catch the street banners we made for them on the Granville Street Bridge.

Celebration of Lights Street Banners

See more banners we’ve made for major events in our gallery.

Reuseable bag giveaway for Earth Day!

Flag Shop reuseable shopping bagsFrom now until mid-May, we are giving away our reuseable shopping bags with any $100 purchase that includes one of our five eligible Earth Day products. To use, add the bag to your cart and then use the promo code EARTH at checkout.

Our Flag Shop reusable shopping bags were custom designed by our Flag Shop staff and are made from RPET, a material made of 80% recycled post consumer plastic. They are fun to carry around.

The Flag Shop in the news

Two of our franchise owners were quoted in Flag Day articles in February.

Guy in Winnipeg talked about the best-selling flags in his shop (hint: Canada comes first, but they’re awfully fond of their new hockey team) for Winnipeg Free Press.

Betty in London contributed her knowledge of flag etiquette including when to replace an old flag for LFPress’s Flag Day article.

If you have any flag questions of your own, we’re always happy to help! Just contact your closest Flag Shop for more information.

Making of a Canadian flag

Have you ever wondered how we make our beautiful applique Canadian flags? No? Well, too bad, you’re going to find out anyway.

This is a little late for Canada Day, but it’s still cool. This video from The Express features some of our long-time seamstresses as they measure, cut, and sew a Canadian flag as well as Susan talking about the care and quality control that goes into making the flags. The video starts right at our segment, but definitely watch the entire thing to find out about other Canadian souvenirs.

Spotlight on: New Brunswick – Acadian Flags

The Flag Shop has 13 franchises across Canada. Our New Brunswick store has this story to share about one of their biggest jobs.

Acadian flags are a pretty standard order in the New Brunswick Flag Shop – the second best seller behind Canadian flags, in fact, but orders for a 30 foot by 60 foot flag are anything but standard. When Saint-Louis-de-Kent decided to mark the 125th anniversary of the designing and adoption of the Acadian flag by ordering an impressively large Acadian flag, The Flag Shop and its manager Belinda Gagne had quite the challenge.

The challenge was two-fold – one, they had to make an unprecedentedly large flag, and two, they had to install an unprecedentedly large flag pole. The large Acadian flag – which has the same design as the French flag but with a gold star on the hoist side – was sewn together from many different panels and weighs over 60 pounds by itself. The flagpole needed to extend 130 feet in the air and have a great deal of concrete poured to support the weight of the seven ton shaft. It took several weeks to get the pole installed in time for the inaugural flag raising on November 8, 2009 which was greeted with much ceremony including a two weeks of festivities in the run up to the flag raising.

130 foot Flag Pole - New Brunswick Large Acadian Flag in New Brunswick

The large flag is put away every winter to protect it from the harsh weather and brought out again in the spring. It requires about fifteen people to keep the flag off of the ground while it is being raised. The Flag Shop New Brunswick has since made a second flag to reduce the amount of wear – a common concern with larger flags.

See some of the other work our New Brunswick store has done.

Get out your kilts

Maple Leaf Tartan

Maple Leaf Tartan

Did you know that Canada has its own official Tartan? In addition to icons such as the maple leaf and the beaver, the Maple Leaf Tartan joined the list of national symbols in March of this year. The tartan, designed in 1964 by David Weiser, weaves together green, gold, red, and brown to symbolize the shifting colors of the maple leaf through the seasons. In addition, each province and territory (except for Nunavut) has its own official tartan and there are many other regional tartans recognized across Canada.

Though it’s been celebrated province-by-province since the 1980s, tomorrow is Canada’s first official Tartan Day since the government only officially recognized it as a federal holiday in October 2010. Many Scottish cultural associations celebrate with different events on this day or on the following weekend.

We don’t yet have the Maple Leaf Tartan flags, but our tartan flag supplier is hard at work on the design. Meanwhile, you can see his other work in our tartan flags section.

Happy Tartan Day!