Canuck flags are bigger than ever!

Here’s something to raise your spirits after last night’s… well, let’s not even talk about it.

Friday night, after everyone had left for the day, Susan got a request for some extra-large Canucks flags from The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. We carry a fair number of Canucks flags (well, usually… we’re a little low at the moment), but not in 6’x12′. The hotel forwarded the email correspondence showing they had permission to have extra large Canuck flags made – a rarity, since most people love to tell us they have permission, but when pressed, can’t prove it. Susan double-checked with the Canucks, and after receiving an email confirmation, put the paperwork together on Saturday. Monday morning the order went into production, and a mere 26 hours later, we have this beautiful 6′ x 12′ Canuck flags, which will be up and flying soon along with two other 4.5’x9′ flags.

6' by 12' Canucks flag

As promised – Susan and Michael G’s interview with Dave Gerry for TelusTV

A few weeks ago before things REALLY started looking up for the Canucks, Susan and Michael Goslin were interviewed (separately) for a Telus TV piece on Canucks flags around Vancouver. Here is the finished video piece: