Some new additions to our library

We have just added two new titles to our inventory!


The first we’re quite proud of since our founder, Doreen Braverman, contributed to its writing, and we donated to help fund its publishing. NAVA’s Canadian City Flags looks at 100 municipal flags across Canada – the 67 largest Canadian cities plus the largest five cities for each province and territory. The book features full-colour illustrations and in-depth write-ups on the history and design of each flag. Doreen has previously contributed to the books Our Flag and Flags Tell the Story of Canada.

You can buy the new Canadian City Flags in our stores and online.



The second is a gorgeous visual biography of the Canadian flag called A Flag for Canada by Rick Archbold. A beautiful history of one of Canada’s enduring symbols, this book is elegant enough to display on your coffee table.

It is available in our stores and online.