Redecorating our showroom

We keep a mix of different examples of our products on hand in our upstairs corporate area to best show what our printers are capable of producing. Some of them are our own designs, some of them are second runs from previous jobs, and sometimes we see art come through that we like so much that we get permission to re-use it.

The Vancouver Aquarium has its Up Close exhibit coming up. As part of promoting it, they had blockout mesh banners made for the walkway next to the aquarium. We took that design and printed it on our Coast Display fabric and then attached that to an X Banner stand. Now it’s the first thing you see when you come upstairs!

The banners themselves went over well also:

“I did my walk through today and want to extend an extra huge thanks for once again making us look so amazingly good here at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Our banners are a big component of drawing in walking visitors from the park, the red is so vibrant, the animals tones are perfect, your team nailed it. Thank you so much.”

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