More IYC products in their natural habitat

While we see IYC products every day, they are usually all nestled together in boxes or in stacks on the floor. We look forward to the newsletters sent out by the CCA because they almost always have the action shots!

At the IYC launch in Ottawa, our lanyards were on full display.

IYC Lanyards

Meanwhile in Guelph, the paper flags were a big hit.

IYC Paper Flags

Here’s a large vertical banner we did for Your Credit Union in Ottawa. With a name like that, they have no doubt heard every “Who’s on first”-type joke available so I will refrain from making one now. I don’t think anyone is going to miss seeing a banner this size which means great exposure for both YCU and IYC.

Vertical Banner for Your Credit Union

The Golden Horseshoe Co-operative Housing Federation in the Hamilton/Niagara region of Ontario had this banner of ours at their AGM as part of the launch of their new scholarship program.

GHCHF banner

It’s only February! We still have 10.5 months left to keep celebrating the International Year of Co-operatives. See our dedicated IYC site if you’d still like to order.

Photos are from the IYC 2012 Matters newsletters.

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