Merry Christmas!

Festive Street Banners for St. George, NB

The Town of St. George, New Brunswick held its annual Santa Claus Parade last weekend and families came out to enjoy the festivities, which included skating and hot chocolate with Santa.

St. George has a population of 1,500 and is the centre of the largest aquaculture industry in North America, harvesting Atlantic salmon, scallops, herring, clams and lobster from the icy waters of the Bay of Fundy.

This Christmas, the people of St. George are celebrating the kids in the area, who submitted Christmas-themed coloured drawings, as part of a special street banner project. Local schools were invited to participate and were encouraged to create group and individual drawings.

Town of St. George Banners

More than 80 drawings were submitted, mostly by individuals. The original plan was to install 14 banners, with the same design on each side. Due to the exceptional response, St. George increased their banner numbers to double the original plan, for a total of 28, and had a different street banner displayed on each side. Families in town are so proud of the all the kids who participated, as well as the beautiful creations, which add to the festive holiday spirit in town. The community response to these beautiful and unique banners has been heart-warming! “These are so beautiful! What an amazing idea and I can’t imagine how the kids feel seeing their Christmas pictures around town like that!” said Diane Lee, a local resident of St. George. Dawn Borthwick Clark, also of St. George said, “I noticed these tonight as I was driving through….. LOVE THEM! Thank you to our kids and our brilliant town!”

Town of St. George Banners

Visit the Town of St. George’s website to see more of their beautifully decorated streets.

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