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Maple Leaf Tartan

Maple Leaf Tartan

Did you know that Canada has its own official Tartan? In addition to icons such as the maple leaf and the beaver, the Maple Leaf Tartan joined the list of national symbols in March of this year. The tartan, designed in 1964 by David Weiser, weaves together green, gold, red, and brown to symbolize the shifting colors of the maple leaf through the seasons. In addition, each province and territory (except for Nunavut) has its own official tartan and there are many other regional tartans recognized across Canada.

Though it’s been celebrated province-by-province since the 1980s, tomorrow is Canada’s first official Tartan Day since the government only officially recognized it as a federal holiday in October 2010. Many Scottish cultural associations celebrate with different events on this day or on the following weekend.

We don’t yet have the Maple Leaf Tartan flags, but our tartan flag supplier is hard at work on the design. Meanwhile, you can see his other work in our tartan flags section.

Happy Tartan Day!

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