Feeling the Electrifying Roar of Our Diehard BC Lions Fans

Big Players in the Canadian Sports Scene, We Love Our Teams of the CFL!

By Susan Braverman

Like most Canadians, I’ve watched CFL football over the years and have cheered teams on to Grey Cup victory. But until recently, I’d only ever experienced football through the magic of television, reliving the plays, moment by moment, through instant replay.

As a life-long Vancouverite who had never been to a Lions game, or any live football game for that matter, my experience as a fan was changed when I recently attended a game at BC Place. The roar of the crowd, the sea of vibrant orange, the chanting, and the waving of team flags were all part of the live and up-close action from the 55-yard line, three rows up.

Left to right: Lilian, Susan, Terence, Wade and Photo Bomber

In their first game of the regular season, our own BC Lions hosted the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. It was an unusual circumstance for my VP of Communications & Community Relations, who came to Vancouver from Winnipeg 2 ½ years ago to join The Flag Shop team. Lilian and her husband, Terence enthusiastically cheered on BOTH teams throughout the entire game! And, for the record, my husband Wade and I cheered only for the Leos.

The Fans Make the Game
There’s no denying that without the players, coaches, and managers, there would be no CFL, nor any Canadian pro football games to attend. But being at the stadium for my first live game, I realized that it’s the cheering and loyal fans who make the game what it is. The fan base ran the gamut, from kids doing the Sprinkler and the Floss dance moves, to seniors clapping and cheering, to diehard Lions fans over-indulging in the name of team spirit. Lions fans ROAR and the energy was electrifying! I’m not surprised that the CFL is second in popularity only to hockey!

CFL Beginnings and Fun Facts About the Decade
The CFL was founded in January of 1958, although some teams in the league were established long before this date. The Toronto Argonauts, for example, were founded in 1873. [1]

The first Grey Cup game to be aired on TV was in 1952, with colour TV coming out just two years before that, in 1950. [2]

Throughout the 1950s, the Grey Cup Championship was held in Vancouver twice, and in Toronto eight times. [3]

By 1950, wearing helmets in Canadian pro football had been a requirement for two years. [4]

Raise Your Team Up – Do It with Flags!
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