A Flag on the Play: Soccer is Back for Another Great Season

Are you ready, Canada? Spring is here, which means the grass is back; it also means that the soccer season is starting up again. Now I know we all love hockey, but soccer is growing fast in Canada and really, what’s not to love? We hear it’s called ‘the beautiful game’ and for good reason – these fans are crazy about flags!

We have four professional teams in the Great White North; Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Toronto FC, Montreal Impact FC playing in the MLS and the Ottawa Fury playing in the NASL. So let’s have a look at just how flag crazy these fans can be! (And I saved the best for last, so be sure to read the whole way down!)

First up, let’s start back east. These Montreal Impact fans have not only flags, but a bell??? How’d they manage that? Also, did you notice the Irish banner? That could be pretty seasonally appropriate I think. (*cough* St.Patrick’s Day *cough*)

Ring my beeeeelllll!!! #IMFC #1642mtl @tonymarinaro690 @1642mtl Quelle ambiance !!!

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This pic from the Toronto FC shows off the custom banner side of game flags – these are great if you have a front row seat, or if your stadium doesn’t allow flagpoles (a note on that at the end).

In Ottawa, they like to keep it in the province; their Red Devil mascot seems to enjoy the Ontario flag!

Finally, here in Vancouver the local team supporters, the Vancouver Southsiders, really know how up the ante with their flag game. Here’s a video from a recent March to the season opener:

Players, here ✔️ Supporters, here ✔️ MLS Season, here ✔️ #VWFC

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Yeah, these groups really know what’s up when it comes to flags:

BONUS: Canada also has a national supporter group, The Voyageurs, and you guessed it, they love flags a whole lot:

If you want to get in on all of the flag fun, we do sell licensed MLS flags for the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver teams in our online shop.  And if you really want to step up your game, we can make you something custom. Please remember, though, that each stadium has its own rules around flags. One of your best bets is to join a local supporter group – they often work closely with the team to up the ante when it comes to the fan section.

The Flag Shop has been working locally with the Vancouver Whitecaps for years. You can see examples of their street banners here and of a giant flag we did for them here. If you would like more information about ordering a custom flag, please contact us.

The Flag Shop Celebrates Pink Shirt Day

On February 24th, also known as Pink Shirt Day, everything looked rosy at The Flag Shop. From coast to coast, Flag Shop employees slipped on their pink shirts and lined up for selfies.

Anti-Bullying movements are a big deal to us here so we like to do what we can to support the initiatives that come our way. Most recently we launched a school fundraising program that enables schools to spread the Anti-Bullying message while raising money for school initiatives. In the pink shirt photos below, you may even steal a peek of some of the anti-bullying products we carry.

Now without further ado, the parade of pink shirts!

First up were the early risers at The Flag Shop New Brunswick:

Then Le Flag Shop Montreal got in on the lutte contre l’intimidation:

The Flag Shop Winnipeg made Pink Shirt Day a family affair:

While the The Flag Shop Edmonton location felt some puppy love:

Last but not least, the The Flag Shop Head Office staff posed outside for a photo. There were lots of cars driving buy, so hopefully we served as a human billboard for the message.



Pink Shirt Day isn’t the only day that promotes the Anti-Bullying movement; next up is Day of Pink on April 13th and the United Nations Anti-Bulling Day on May 4th. For more information on Anti-Bullying initiatives and to learn more about our school fundraising program, visit www.antibullyingflag.ca.