Banners for No More Cruelty

No More Cruelty

No More Cruelty was founded by Crystal (top left), our marketing manager at The Flag Shop head office. Together with her sister Rosemary (top right), they advocate and assist with various animal rescue efforts by coordinating with various volunteers and rescue groups in Taiwan.

When Crystal mentioned to Susan, our President, that she had to borrow a flag from the pet store to promote “Don’t buy! Adopt a pet” concept while she was on holiday in Taiwan this past January, Susan offered to support her efforts in animal rescue. Two 24″ x 33.5″ custom banners made with Coast Display were donated by The Flag Shop, one will be used in Taiwan and one in Canada.

The above picture was taken at the Taipei International Airport in March 2014. Crystal was the volunteer ambassador to accompany these seven rescued dogs to Canada where they had new homes waiting for them.

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