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My Memories of “Matilda the Musical” at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage

By Susan Braverman

Earlier this summer, I had the chance to see Matilda the Musical at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage in Vancouver. And what a memorable show it was! Being at the Stanley for such an amazing performance brought me back to the beauty and wonder of the theatre – something I knew I had to share with others. This musical touched my soul, leaving me with an undeniable desire to experience more. I bought three tickets for my VP of Communications & Community Relations so that she and her family could experience the magic! In the spirit of “go big or go home”, I just couldn’t stop there, so I bought season tickets for the 2019/2020 line-up, which includes: A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Sound of Music, Noises Off, Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave, and Kinky Boots. I cannot wait!

Thank You, Matilda (Children Are NOT Maggots)!
At 5 years old, Matilda is a bright girl (with clueless, mocking parents), who discovers her own “Girl Power” of telekinesis, then uses it for good. With the help of her friends, Matilda fights back against the evil school headmistress, Miss Trunchbull and saves her teacher, Miss Honey. Thank you, Matilda, for reminding us all that even small children have the power to achieve anything – up to and including defeating a monster like Trunchbull. Love prevails for Matilda as she finds genuine acceptance, appreciation and loyalty with Miss Honey, which goes far deeper than blood family ties.

The Arts Club: Three Stages and More Than a Quarter Million Hearts Moved [1]
The Arts Club Theatre Company was established in 1958, as the Arts Club of Vancouver, and was a private club serving the interests of actors, artists, and musicians. In 1964, the club opened its first stage at Seymour and Davie. During its 27 years on Seymour, the theatre, seating 250, helped to launch the careers of well-known Canadians like Janet Wright (Corner Gas) and Michael J. Fox. Today, Vancouverites are lucky enough to be a part of a rich and thriving theatre scene, presented in three venues: The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, the Granville Island Stage and the Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre.

Oh Stanley, You’ve Always Been My Favourite
The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage first opening in 1931, and was originally a movie theatre and Vaudeville house. [2] The Stanley showed movies for more than 60 years and closed in 1991. Surviving threats of demolition over the following years, renovations began in 1997, [3] to transform the venue into the stage theatre. In 1999, the renovated structure was awarded the designation of a Heritage building by the City of Vancouver, and today, is the main stage of the Arts Club Theatre Company. The Stanley shares its name with Stanley Park and the Stanley Cup, all of which were named after the Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley.

Feel the Theatre Joy
Theatre and the performing arts play an important role in our community, providing opportunities to gather together and explore the human condition. What better way to promote creativity, self- discovery and self-expression, while being drawn into another place and time? For more information about upcoming performances by the Arts Club Theatre Company, please visit:

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See you at the theatre!


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