Announcing New Ownership of The Flag Shop Montreal

Keeping It in the Family: Best Wishes Ginette – Welcome Marc-André!

By Susan Braverman

It’s with a bittersweet sense of joy that I announce a change in ownership of Le Flag Shop Montréal.

Ginette Bazergui joined The Flag Shop Montreal as store manager in 2000 and loved it so much that she bought the franchise a year later. It was a natural fit for Ginette who, prior to her time with us, spent many years in retail management, and also owned a stationery and gift store.

Ginette Bazergui with Husband, Peter Liontos and Doreen Braverman at NAVA 37 in Montreal – 2003

Ginette fondly remembers those earliest days at The Flag Shop. She recalled, “I just loved it, from day one! Aside from the great relationships with our customers and suppliers, I remember other major things like setting up all the accounting.” She added, “They just could not tear me away from the shop!”

The First Flag Shop Montreal at 3187 Rue Saint-Jacques in Saint-Henri 

Talking with Ginette in recent years, I knew the time for new ownership would come “one day” but by the beginning of this year, I could tell it would be happening sooner rather than later. For Ginette, it took time to get used to the idea of retirement. As ready as she was to start the next chapter of her life, jet-setting around the world with her husband, Peter Liontos, she was torn because she loved the shop so much! Finding the perfect buyer to service her loyal customers in Montreal would be the biggest factor in helping her to hand over the reins.

The New Flag Shop Montreal at 1320 Rue Charlevoix in Pointe St-Charles

Keeping It All in the Family
Marc-André Bazergui, Ginette’s nephew, just so happens to live right around the corner from the new Flag Shop, on Charlevoix. One evening while out walking the dog, he noticed the new logo on the storefront and said to his partner, “It would be funny if I bought The Flag Shop.” Following discussions with the family, it became clear that this would be the right decision for Marc-André, and the family. He said, “It’s the best of all things because the flexibility of ownership will allow me to balance my work with my passions.”

Ginette, Peter and a Young Marc-André in 2003

Marc-André has worked many years in the field of IT and is passionate about engaging with a number of on-line communities. He is a huge advocate of STEM Robotics and is involved in advancing this field. He enjoys creating custom LEGO® projects – something which began in his childhood, and he likes connecting with people. As Marc-André learns the ropes from his aunt, I have no doubt he will become a Flag Shop powerhouse! And, Ginette will never be too far away as she supports him in this transition. She likes to remind me that I can’t get rid of her that easily!

In Spanish, there’s a beautiful word “jubilar”, which holds a dual meaning – to rejoice and to retire. Please join me in wishing Ginette a most jubilant retirement, and also in welcoming Marc-André as the new owner of Le Flag Shop Montréal.

Marc-André and Ginette in the Shop Office – November 2018  

Félicitations, Ginette et Marc-André!

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