Young Men’s Adventure Weekend

The Village Welcomes the Young Men of the Village into a Man’s World

The motto of the Young Men’s Adventure Weekend (YMAW) says it all: “The Village Welcomes the Young Men of the Village into a Man’s World.” During their annual weekend of planned activities, the elders of the village place major challenges in front of the younger men. These challenges take them on a journey of self-discovery, teaching them skills, while unleashing their own potential for greatness. The program truly helps to build communities, by initiating spirited, purpose-driven and strong young men, who will eventually become great husbands, fathers and leaders.

The Young Men learn to work as a team when canoeing, an important life-skill that shows them the value of teamwork.

When our president, Susan Braverman, first heard about YMAW, it captured her heart because she has a teenaged son of her own. Susan knew she wanted to do something special to show her support of YMAW, so she offered to make them a custom banner. “YMAW is doing such important and amazing work,” says Susan, “which is actually shaping the future for boys and young men as they get ready for adulthood. I’m so thrilled to support this effort and I’m even more excited because my son, Grey is enrolled for this summer!”

The program offers activities and rites of passage for boys aged 12 – 17.  Young men who experience YMAW will emerge with a deeper sense of their own individual spirit, an understanding of responsibility and accountability, and the importance of being a team player, working together to support each other. In a nutshell, this unique, fun and sometimes life-changing wilderness experience will catapult young men towards adulthood. YMAW is proud of its program flexibility, allowing participants to talk about any issue they may be facing, in a safe environment.

The Young Men spend a weekend shadowing two other adults, figuring it all out together as a team.

Program founder and leader, Brad Leslie and his team have been changing the lives of young men since 1990. Brad says, “It is truly remarkable to see the lessons these young men learn during the weekend.” Adding, “For me, the real reward and satisfaction comes when the young men tell us about how their experiences have impacted their lives and how they see a brighter future for themselves.”

20 of 60 men who produce YMAW with over 300 years combined experience mentoring the next generation of men, posing in front of the custom banner we made for them.

The next YMAW session runs from July 7 – 9, 2017 inclusive, at a secret wilderness location on Harrison Lake, BC. According to the inside scoop, the production planning team has been meeting and they are pumped and ready to deliver a weekend packed full of adventure and discovery. No Girls Allowed!

Avoid disappointment and visit the YMAW website for more details:

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