West End BIA Supports Vancouver Pride

Denman. Davie. Robson. Three Great Streets. One Amazing Neighbourhood.

That’s right – One Amazing Neighbourhood! That’s thanks to the West End Business Improvement Association (WEBIA), an amazing non-profit organization supporting businesses along the West End’s three main commercial streets.

Covering Davie, Denman and Robson, each street has its own designated colour highlighting its uniqueness. Denman is blue, reflecting the ocean and blue summer skies. Robson is green, symbolizing the greenery of Stanley Park. And Davie is purple, in recognition of Davie Village’s role in supporting the Gay Pride Movement.

Speaking of Pride, it’s time to celebrate in Vancouver and we’re thrilled to be part of it all! The Flag Shop has been a supporter of the Gay Pride Movement dating back 40 years, when we first produced rainbow flags and decals for the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. We’re getting so excited about Pride Fest coming up this Sunday we’re even testing out our Pride booth in The Flag Shop parking lot!

Join us on Sunday, August 6 at Sunset Beach from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. We love this festival because it’s a safe place to celebrate individual uniqueness and self-expression, while at the same time it’s a collective expression against bullying, oppression and violence. We hope to see you at our booth where we’ll have everything you need to express your pride! The 39th Annual Pride Parade is a huge part of Pride Fest and will run that day from noon – 3 p.m., starting on Robson, turning down Denman, and then onto Beach Ave. On Friday, August 4th, Davie Village will be the place to be for one of Vancouver’s best outdoor parties, the Davie Street Block Party.

Vancouver Pride Festival 2016. Image Source: Vancouver Pride Society

The Flag Shop President, Susan Braverman said, “It’s a very important weekend for the West End BIA, with the block party on Friday, the Celebration of Light on Saturday and the Pride Parade on Sunday!” She adds, “We’ve been working with the West End BIA for years now and I have to say it warms my heart to see the strong sense of community and public engagement, right in the neighbourhood where I grew up – and it’s all because of the dedicated work of the BIA.”

This week’s blog is a big shout out to the WEBIA, home to the best restaurants, stunning beaches, and of course, Pride! The West End attracts thousands of visitors to the area every year for the Pride Parade, so if you ask us, it’s pretty clear the WEBIA is doing a bang up job fulfilling its mission to promote and revitalize the West End.

Image Source: West End BIA

For more information about the West End BIA, and its Pride activations in the West End, please visit the WEBIA website.

For information about Pride in Vancouver, visit the Vancouver Pride Society website.

See you at Pride Fest!

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