On May 4 United Nations Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Anti-Bullying Day

Catching Up with Grace Fenton of Albert Mines, NB

Five years ago today, in 2012, the United Nations declared May 4 to be the official day for anti-bullying. This important day is observed around the globe in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and France. To speak up against bullying, many wear pink, blue or purple shirts to visually symbolize unity in helping to put an end to bullying.

In 2014, The Flag Shop first met Grace Fenton and her mother Amy, from Albert Mines, New Brunswick. At the time, Grace was a Grade 7 student who had won an anti-bullying flag design contest. Her design holds a positive message and represents the importance of helping those who are experiencing bullying. The flag was hoisted for the first time in 2014 and later that year, The Flag Shop was granted exclusive rights to use Grace’s design.

Grace Fenton and teacher Ben Kelly display Fenton’s award-winning anti-bullying flag in 2014. (Tori Weldon / CBC)

In honour of the 5th anniversary, Susan thought this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with Grace to see how she’s been doing. During our conversation, Grace remembered fondly how she created 13 versions of her design before deciding which one to enter into the school contest. She admits experiencing several bullying incidents while in middle school and recalls that through this design effort and contest, overall awareness improved and incidents of bullying became less common. Grateful for the opportunity, Grace was proud to be a part of something that helped students to feel safe to open up and talk. She said, “Talking about bullying is so important so that people who are being bullied know they are not alone. I think if someone is being bullied, it’s hard to open up about it, so when we all talk about the subject, it makes it easier for people to ask for help.”

Grace remembered one day when a shy student approached her to talk because she was being bullied. Grace recalled, “I tried to help her through it. I really believe she felt safe to talk to me because I was known around the school as someone with a clear voice against bullying.” Adding, “Bullying happens every day.  It’s all around us but people just don’t talk about it. You only know it’s happening if you see it with your own eyes. And when you see it, no matter who you are, you have the power to stop it by speaking up.”  What wise words from a teen who experienced bullying and rose above it all to make a positive difference for others! These days, Grace keeps herself very busy and enjoys helping out with the school breakfast program.

At The Flag Shop, many of us have been impacted by bullying, either directly or indirectly, and we are honoured to support this cause, doing everything we can by providing schools and other organizations with the tools and resources to create increased awareness.  We are proud of our school fundraising program, enabling schools to open up important dialogue while raising money for school programming. Grace, we love your awesome design, which we used as the visual focus in all of our anti-bullying products.  Nothing says it better than the creative flair and insight of a caring student from Albert Mines, NB!

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