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The City of Richmond Street Banner Program

At The Flag Shop Vancouver Head Office, we love our client, The City of Richmond, with whom we’ve been working since the 1990s. Our story begins when The Flag Shop first supported the City in creating street banner specifications, in the earliest days of their street banner program. It has been an honour to be part of this important civic tradition, spanning an unprecedented 20+ years.

And, aside from making city streets look beautiful, event organizers also use banners to create awareness and anticipation of their special events. The City of Richmond street banner program is steeped in history and is an exceptional model of civic pride and engagement. Every year, the City creates an impressive new street banner program which engages the citizens of the community and empowers them to showcase the best of the community. The program allows citizens to take personal pride in their great city, while telling the story of Richmond with beautiful imagery. The real beauty is found in the knowledge that the banners reflect the story of The City of Richmond – as told by the very people who live there.

Through the years, designs have included a diverse and exceptional range of visual art forms such as collage, photography, digital art, printmaking, illustration and painting. All submissions are originals reflecting themes such as active living, transportation, arts, culture and heritage, parks and nature.

This year, the banner contest brought nearly 300 submissions, of which 11 banners were selected as the winning entries. Each banner visually reflects Richmond’s tagline for Canada 150, which is being celebrated by all Canadians throughout 2017: One nation, hundreds of cultures, thousands of communities, millions of people and limitless stories. Entries range in subject matter and reflect the experiences, the places and people, which make Richmond such a great place to call home.

Source: The City of Richmond

The vibrant and beautiful street banner collection was unveiled last month at a City Council meeting. To recognize the winners, City Council invited them to Council Chambers for a special unveiling ceremony. What a fitting and meaningful way to honour those whose designs stood out among hundreds of contenders. All winning banners will be proudly displayed throughout the city, until early 2018.

Source: The City of Richmond

When The City of Richmond adopted its Environmental Purchasing Policy and Guide, we found even deeper meaning in our common goal to make a positive difference for the environment. Combining brilliantly coloured banners with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, The Flag Shop is proud to offer GREEN solutions in street banners. Echotex® is a unique and exclusive product made with shredded textiles and recycled plastic. Choose Echotex® and be a leader in environmental stewardship.

And, while it’s exciting to see new street banners being installed, taking them down doesn’t need to be a solemn occasion. Instead of sending your old street banners to the landfill, why not give them a fresh start by turning them into bags? We are proud to support Common Thread Cooperative , a local group that repurposes street banners, extending the life of the banners and contributing to the livelihood of the people who make the bags. By choosing The Flag Shop, clients and customers make a conscious decision to work with a team who aims to make a difference and to change the world one flag at a time.

Congratulations to The City of Richmond contest winners! The street banners are breathtaking!

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