Rare Disease Foundation

The moment we received the quote request from the Rare Disease Foundation, we knew we wanted to do our part to support them.  So, we supplied them with the best quality feather flags and banners, manufactured here at our Vancouver plant, at the lowest price possible!

What an honour to work with the Rare Disease Foundation, which upholds important values in their daily work. These include focus on research and programs to the benefit of those living with or affected by rare diseases; working with purpose to revolutionize rare disease care; creating like-minded communities across Canada, offering a sense of belonging and hope; and celebrating the resiliency of the community they serve.

Late last year, the foundation was in attendance at the Lace Up for Kids event co-hosted by the UBC Student Recreation Department and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. The proceeds from this important annual event fund ongoing rare disease research efforts by the Rare Disease Foundation.

And more recently, we worked with the foundation again, creating the custom tent canopy, which will be displayed at events throughout the year, including International Rare Disease Day and other important events, such as their annual Family Picnic, planned for next summer at Burnaby Village Museum.


We have a soft spot for all children and recognize we have a collective social responsibility to give kids the best chance at a bright future.

Check outRare is Everywhere”, a beautiful children’s book which illustrates and celebrates genetically rare animals such as the pink grasshopper white tiger, brown panda, blue lobster, black jaguar and many others. The lyrical text highlights the beauty of each animal and encourages children to celebrate our differences, which make us unique and beautiful!  http://bit.ly/1knxMhn


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