Odysseo by Cavalia – Thanks for the Memories


Vancouver Bids Farewell to the Best Show Ever!

The Flag Shop Vancouver was honoured to supply our client, Cavalia Inc. with 690 beautiful, custom printed banners to promote and celebrate Odysseo by Cavalia: The Best Show Ever. These exquisite banners adorned the streets of Vancouver, looking simply stunning against the city’s skyline.

Source: Vancouver’s Best Places

Because we support our clients, Susan Braverman invited the management team to attend the last evening performance. This spectacular show magically combines equestrian arts and high-tech theatrical effects. We were captivated by the opening scene, beginning in a misty forest, as a herd of horses grazed and frolicked under rolling clouds and a setting sun. Enthralled by the sights and sounds, we shared the experience with the entire audience as we rediscovered the century-old relationship between humans and horses.

Source: Cavalia.com

The travelling show includes 65 horses and 48 artists, taking a crew of 120 to set up under the big top. The horses are the stars of the show and the utmost care and attention went to these incredible animals, each treated with love and respect. Of all the performers, the horses were the last to arrive, flown to Vancouver by a chartered 747, and transported to a local farm for two weeks of leisure and pasture before the show opened. The horses were welcomed in style, on a red carpet. Talk about royal treatment!

Source: The Vancouver Sun

In this unforgettable experience, we were teleported to majestic locations around the globe and beyond! We were thrilled to take an enchanted journey to the desert and savanna of Africa and the American southwest, Easter Island and verdant fields; marvelling at the beauty of the northern lights, and a majestic ice cave.

Source: Cavalia.com

Many thanks to Danny Gauthier of Cavalia for convincing Susan to purchase tickets, and to many wonderful show sponsors for bringing Cavalia to our great city! Although the show has left Vancouver, the troop continues its tour with openings in Chicago on April 1 and Mississauga on June 28. For more information about the show, please visit cavalia.com.

Congratulations to show Creator and Artistic Director, Normand Latourelle. Also a pioneer of Cirque du Soleil, Latourelle was born and raised in Montreal. Since 2003, he has been fully dedicated to Cavalia Inc.

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