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A May to October Love Affair to Remember

Farmer’s market season is here in BC and we love that we have so many amazing markets to choose from! Whether it’s the Mount Pleasant, the Hastings Park, or the Kitsilano Farmers Market, don’t miss your chance to experience the fun of shopping at the markets in your neighbourhood. Aside from the fun of it all, there are many other awesome benefits to think about. Super fresh fruits and vegetables bursting with flavour and goodness remind us all what fruits and vegetables are meant to taste like.

This week we’re focusing on one of our clients, the New West Farmers Market, located at Tipperary Park in New Westminster, which is open for business until October, on Thursdays from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. Be sure to get there early to experience the best of the market, including farm-fresh produce, local crafts, prepared gourmet foods, and live entertainment. And while you’re there, check out the street banners displayed against the bright blue sky! The mission of the New West Farmers Market Association is to focus on environmentally sustainable food production by bringing locally grown and produced foods to the community, thereby contributing to local economic development, healthy eating, and food security while connecting with our heritage of having a vibrant city market.

Image Source: New West Farmers Market

New West Farmers Market banners, made by The Flag Shop Vancouver. Image Source: New West Farmers Market

Susan Braverman, The Flag Shop President said, “I will never forget the first time I ever went to the farmer’s market. I bit into a piece of freshly harvested cauliflower and it was the best I had ever eaten in my life!” She added, “I didn’t realize this is exactly how fruits and vegetables are supposed to taste.”

This is the beauty of the farmers market: the fruits and vegetables ripen in the field and are brought directly to the market. They have not been shipped long distances, have not been gassed to force ripening, and they have not been sitting in storage for weeks before reaching your table. It’s the best available produce because it’s been grown and harvested in your own community.

Knowing what’s in season is easy at the farmer’s market because whatever is growing is what they are selling. Favorites include berries and corn on the cob in summer, and pumpkins and apples in the fall. If you enjoy connecting with your community and knowing exactly where your food comes from, just head out to your local farmers market!

Image Source: New West Farmers Market

Farming reminds us all of simpler times when we knew where our food came from and we knew the people who grew it. And, even though the world has changed dramatically, we all share a basic understanding of what it means to live off the land. Farming is an important part of our collective heritage, and contributes to the local economy. Buying locally-grown produce means supporting farming families, while they feed ours. People are opting for fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan foods such as local cheeses, as well as proteins, home-style baked goods and even locally-grown flowers.

Image Source: New West Farmers Market

If you plan on doing the circuit, or for more information about farmers markets, please visit for BC, or for options across Canada.

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