Celebrate National Flag of Canada Day

Queen Elizabeth Park Flag Raising Ceremony – The Legacy of Jack Braverman

The national flag of Canada was inaugurated on February 15, 1965. Officially called National Flag of Canada Day, or Flag Day, this day commemorates the inauguration of the Canadian national flag.

Special public events are held across the country. Here at home, The City of Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, with full support by The Canadian Club of Vancouver, is inviting local citizens to attend a special flag raising ceremony. Our nation’s flag will be raised at Queen Elizabeth Park, at Vancouver’s highest peak.

(Queen Elizabeth Park. Source: Shutterstock)

In loving memory of Jack Braverman, and to honour his important legacy, The Flag Shop President, Susan Braverman and her mother and The Flag Shop Founder, Doreen Braverman, donated the new 60’ flag pole and Canada flag, being raised for the first time at the event. For as long as Susan owns the company, The Flag Shop has committed to donating all future 6′ x 12′ Canada flags for this flagpole, in honour of Jack’s memory.

(Jack, Susan and Doreen Braverman)

Jack Braverman was a very special man. He was a true Sales legend, who demonstrated sincere respect for every person with whom he came in contact. He was all about what he called relationship selling: The relationships he forged with others mattered more to him than making the sale. This was his true gift. And, Susan is his living legacy, cultivating heart connections with her team and clients, achieving success by the same approach as her Dad! It’s no wonder at all that he was immensely proud of what she has accomplished!

He also understood that every person on the team brought immeasurable value and each one played a vital role. While he was the guy who closed the deal, Jack always acknowledged there were many others who worked together to make it all happen. He was known for making lifelong connections with his clients, and will forever be remembered for his spirit of generosity, giving of his time and demonstrating genuine care for others.

Jack deeply loved his family, who learned so much from him about the value and impact of giving back. Throughout his life, he was a pillar in the community and he modeled outstanding examples of benevolence and caring. This is his legacy.

Join the Braverman family and The Flag Shop team on February 15 at noon, at Queen Elizabeth Park, and be a part of a very special flag raising ceremony. There will be musical performances by Dixie Strollers Brass Band and the Nootka Elementary School Choir, as well as a fireworks display.

In this important year in history, the Canadian flag is celebrating its 52nd anniversary. And, 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation! http://bit.ly/2kKOvi2

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