Hello Vancouver – Pride Is Here!

Pride Premiere Tonight & Pride Fest August 5th – Two for the Price of One

This is the fourth year of having our booth at Pride Fest, and new this year, we’re so excited to be invited to exhibit at Pride Premiere, too! If you’ve been driving by our store on Powell in your daily commute, you may have seen our gang setting up in the parking lot. That’s because we were doing our dry run and dress rehearsals before heading down to Robson Street.

The Gang’s All Ready for Pride!

The Flag Shop President, Susan Braverman, said, “Time flies! With Pride Premiere today, and Pride Fest just around the corner, my team and I are getting excited!” She added, “Pride Week is a truly magical time when we have a chance to be out in the community, so attending two major Pride events is a double whammy of the best kind!”

The Latest and the Greatest in Pride Products – You’re in for a Big Surprise!
First there was one, two and four, and now there’s so many more! True to our policy to go big or go home, our product line has exploded! Stop by our booth and see us! We’ll be easy to spot among the crowds – just look for the colourful flags waving in the air. We’re launching most of our new products tonight, and we’ll have all of them next week at the Pride parade. For a sneak peek, go to http://pride.flagshop.com/ and get ‘em while they’re HOT! And be sure to check back often, because we’re always making our Pride site better.

Pride Flags of All Kinds

The Scoop on Pride Premiere and Pride Fest – When and Where
Pride Premiere
Friday, July 27, 2018 – 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight
Vancouver Art Gallery
Robson at Hornby
For more info, visit: http://www.vancouverpride.ca/calendar//events/1491907

Pride Fest 2017 – Source: www.westvancouver.com

Pride Festival at Sunset Beach
Sunday, August 5, 2018 – 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sunset Beach
For more info, visit: http://www.vancouverpride.ca/calendar////1383471

Qmunity Contingent from BC’s Queer Resource Centre Vancouver Pride Parade July 2016 – Source: Ross Johnson/Daily Xtra

40th Annual Vancouver Pride Parade
Sunday, August 5, 2018 – 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.
Parade route: Robson – Denman – Pacific
For more info, visit: http://www.vancouverpride.ca/index.php?ch=Events&sc=&id=1383470

Brunch and Parade Viewing at The Boathouse
Sunday, August 5, 2018 – 10:30 a.m.
1795 Beach Ave
For more info, visit: http://www.vancouverpride.ca/calendar//events/1332476

So, What Else is Going On?
Glad you asked! There are plenty of other Pride events happening in Vancouver. With far too many to mention, here are just a couple more that we found:

Pride at the Pier
Sunday, July 31, 2018 – 5:00 p.m.
The Shipbuilder’s Square
Wallace Mews, North Vancouver
For more info, visit: http://www.vancouverpride.ca/calendar////1514660

Terry Wallace Memorial Breakfast
Saturday, August 4, 2018 – 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon
Jim Deva Plaza
1200 Bute St
For more info, visit: http://www.vancouverpride.ca/index.php?ch=Events&sc=&id=1491908

For information about Pride in Vancouver, including events and information, please visit the Vancouver Pride Society website. Thank you to the amazing bunch at the Vancouver Pride Society for all you do!

Celebrate LGBTQ2+ Pride!


So Many Pride Celebrations, So Little Time!

Pride in Your Community Building Bridges to End Discrimination

With countless Pride events and festivities planned across Canada, The Flag Shop is excited to introduce the first of a special blog series highlighting LGBTQ2+ Pride. In presenting the series, we hope to contribute to a deeper sense of acceptance and belonging for all in the global community.

Victoria Pride – Source: tourismvictoria.com

Join Your Community and Express Your Pride
There are far too many events to list them all, and major celebrations have already happened in some cities. Congrats to the Victoria Pride Society, Edmonton Pride Festival Society, Pride Winnipeg and Pride Toronto for hosting great parties! Here’s just a small sampling of what’s still to come:

Toronto Pride Parade  – Source: cbc.ca – Credit: Mark Blinch/Reuters

British Columbia
Vancouver Pride Fest
August 5, 2018 (with many events leading up to and following the big day)

Kelowna Pride
August 11 – 18, 2018

Powell River Pride
August 13 – 19, 2018

Central Alberta Pride
August 12 – 19, 2018

Calgary Pride Parade  – Source: sportsnet.ca

Pride Calgary
August 24 – September 3, 2018

London Pride Fest
July 19 – 29, 2018

Muskoka Pride Fest
July 20 – 29, 2018

Windsor/Essex Pride
August 8 – 12, 2018

Capital Pride Fierté
August 19 – 26, 2018

Montreal Pride – Source: mtlway.com

Montreal Pride
August 9 – 19, 2018

Quebec City Pride
August 30 – September 2, 2018

St. John’s Pride Fest
July 15 – 21, 2018

Halifax Pride Fest
July 19 – 29, 2018

Pride PEI
July 22 – 28, 2018

Pride Flags – Poly and Sewn Options Available

Say It with Flags – Seeing Is Believing!
As you make your way to Pride celebrations in your area, we’d be thrilled to set you up with a full range of products, including Pride, Canada Pride, Transgender and Canada Transgender flags, paper stick flags, silicone bracelets, car flags, quill flags, lapel pins, temporary tattoos and so much more! If you need custom items, there’s still plenty of time to produce whatever your imagination might dream up, as an expression of your Pride!

Pride Hockey Stick Tape

The Flag Shop’s Pride website is about honouring the truth that we are all equally deserving of the basic rights of freedom of expression and freedom from oppression. We are privileged to work with Canada’s LGBTQ2+ communities and organizations to do our part to help end discrimination and violence, while promoting self-affirmation and dignity.

Sourced from Twitter: @CdnHumanRights

Discrimination: What Is It and What to Do About It
According to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, discrimination is defined as “an action or a decision that treats a person or group badly for reasons such as their race, age or disability.” The Canadian Human Rights Act.[1] ensures fair and equal treatment of all people, regardless of social status, skin colour, gender, personal beliefs, or sexual orientation. The Act protects the rights of everyone in Canada, and plays a vital role in building bridges between all people groups, including the LGBTQ2+ community. If you or someone you know needs support, here are some great resources:

LGBT Youth Helpline Canada
Text for help: 647 694 4275

Egale Canadian Human Rights Trust

The Fence

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

The Flag Shop Booth at Vancouver Pride Festival 2016

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Express your Pride!

[1] https://www.chrc-ccdp.gc.ca/eng/content/what-discrimination

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018: Reaches “Half-Time” in the Series

Call it Football or Call It Soccer – FIFA Fever Is Contagious!

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 is on! As the biggest soccer event in the world reaches fever pitch, it’s a great time to take a closer look at the game, and its rich history. Celebrating the best of the best in this wildly popular sport, the World Cup unites players and fans alike, as teams live the dream of winning the Cup!

Source: sportsnet.ca

The Big Debate: The Name of the Game
The name of the game is football. Or, is it soccer? The answer depends on who you ask, and can be found partly in the history of the sport. The modern version of soccer can be traced to the mid-1800s in England, where there were two types of football. The first started in public schools and involved passing the ball by hand, and would eventually become known as rugby. The other involved passing the ball by kicking. This game was called “association” football, named after its governing body, the football association.

Russia-Saudi Series Opener – Source: TSN.ca

Rugby became known by the slang term “rugger”, and “assoc” became the slang reference for association football. The term soccer was derived by adding “er” to “assoc.” In countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the US, soccer is used more commonly, in part to avoid confusion with other popular national sports.

Historic Facts Tell an Interesting Story
Before modern-day soccer, the origins of the game are said to date back more than 2,000 years, to ancient Rome, China, Greece, and regions of Central America. The game we know and love today originated in England (see The Big Debate).

During the first-ever international football match between Scotland and England in 1872,[1] players wore knickerbockers and bobble hats. The headgear was part of the uniform, which lasted into the 20th century.

Source: www.roarforscotland.com

Soccer balls were more oval than round in the earliest days because they were made of inflated pig’s bladders which were placed inside leather cases. When Indian rubber was discovered in the 1860s, the egg-shaped ball was out, and a rounder ball came into play.

During its infancy, football was an upper-class sport in England. The rules of the game were developed mainly by students attending public schools and universities.

Penalties or referees were not part of the original rules of the game. Debating skills were almost as important as physical ability, as players could appeal against decisions first to captains and then to umpires. Referees became part of the game in 1891.[2]

Source: kaplaininternational.com

London’s Kensington High Street traffic lights are the inspiration behind the red and yellow cards used in the game today. British referee and FIFA’s Head of Refereeing, Ken Aston, was driving through London when he first thought of better ways to demonstrate a warning, or to send a player off the field.[3]

Canadians (and People Everywhere) LOVE the Game
Soccer is a game that can be played spontaneously with nothing more than an open space, a ball and a few players. From children playing soccer with their neighbours, to a pro footballer vying for the Cup, the passion for the game is the same. Soccer brings people together, creates friendly (and frenzied) rivalries, pushes players to excellence, and builds team and national pride! Well, no wonder it’s the most popular game in the world![4]

Source: soccerbasics.net

Soccer Associations Supporting Future World Class Players
Soccer associations assist and support members and their affiliated soccer clubs, providing leadership and structure in advancing players and coaches to thrive at the game.
In British Columbia:
In Alberta:
In Saskatchewan:
In Manitoba:
In Ontario:
In Quebec:
In Nova Scotia:
In Yukon:
In Northwest Territories:

Limited Edition FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Flag

Raise Your Team Up on the World Stage – Do It with Flags!
Get your team’s flag on (we’ve got them all!) and join fans around the world as we all stand behind our favorites! No matter who you’re rooting for, we’re here to set you up with a full range of products, including national flags, paper stick flags, friendship pins, vinyl decals, crests, car flags, and temporary tattoos!

Limited Edition FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Ball and Pennant

Get Your Limited Edition Keepsakes – Before It’s Too Late!
There’s still time to get your hands on the Official FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 flag, felt pennant and soccer ball! Contact one of our 12 Flag Shop locations near you, today!

Catch FIFA Fever – It’s Contagious!

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1872_Scotland_vs_England_football_match
[2] https://www.fifa.com/about-fifa
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