Vancouver Aquarium’s fabulous marketing (and we helped!)

Buzzfeed posted a list of some of the Vancouver Aquarium’s recent campaigns. We made the banners in #5 for their Sharks and Rays exhibit, and their new jellyfish banners should be up soon downtown!

Photo from Buzzfeed, but the original appears to belong to Chad Jones and Tony Hird?

Video of the new Naval Ensign

Our Nova Scotia Flag Shop applique sewed the large naval ensign that appears in this video. The 6′ x 12′ flag was used at the ceremony commemorating the new naval ensign which replaces the Canadian maple leaf flag as the previous ensign.

Supporting Big Brothers

BowlingIn March, we donated to the UBC Properties Trust team when they were fundraising for the event Bowl for Big Brothers Classic. In the end, they raised almost $1500 for the event which means that they received the 5-Course Tasting Menu for 2 at Diva at the Met for their team. Congratulations to all the teams who participated and made a difference!

The Royal Canadian Navy debuts a new ensign

Naval JackThe Royal Canadian Navy recently announced that they will be flying a new ensign starting May 5th. Instead of flying the Canadian flag (the Maple Leaf) off of the stern, they will now be flying the former Naval Jack in its place.

This story from CTV News explains the flag change up.

While we have been carrying the Canadian Naval Ensign as part of our military flag line for quite awhile, the Navy will soon need much larger ones to fly off of the stern. Our Nova Scotia store is currently applique sewing a very large one, and our Victoria store is looking at stocking up as well.

“Essentially, the flag previously known as the Canadian Naval Jack became the Canadian Naval Ensign, whereas the National Flag became the Canadian Naval Jack.”

Read the official government news release here.