Brace yourselves for The Big Decision

According to CBC’s press release, our episode of The Big Decision will air Tuesday, November 27th at 9 pm EST and PST. This will be the season finale, and we’re sharing the screen with another long-time Vancouver institution Save-On Meats.

Stay tuned for more details! We’ll be posting more as we get closer to its airing.

The Flag Shops Chilliwack and London in the news

Our Chilliwack store contributed to the street banners recently put up in a notoriously busy school zone in an effort to get motorists to slow down.

Our London store made the flags at Savour Stratford. See the photos here.

The Big Decision Challenges: Day 7 of 7

It’s here.

We did our part to the best of our ability considering the extreme time constraints and surprises. Now to find out if it was good enough!

We’ll find out shortly. You’ll find out when the show airs in November.

The Big Decision Challenges: Day 6 of 7


Our updated sales flyer is now online here.

Susan is out at our big client pitch today with marketing collateral and samples in hand thanks to some last minute overtime put in over the weekend and this morning. Good luck, Susan! If anyone can pull this off, you can.


The Big Decision Challenges: Day 5 of 7

We’re not even supposed to BE here today.

But when a major pitch is 24 hours away, it’s all hands on deck. Marketers are marketing, production is producing, our president is presiding – we’re all going to be working down to the wire.

We’re eating, sleeping, and breathing block-out mesh.

Let’s hope it works!