A new motorcycle flag for some cross-border riders

When you’re a guest in another country, you usually want to respect their customs while not forgetting your own. Ron McCall came to us to design an antenna flag for motorcycle enthusiasts from Canada who ride in the US and want to respect both their host and home countries.

We decided to create a new flag design just for them. Our existing combo US/Canada flag design gives equal space to both flags, while in the new one the Canadian flag takes up the top right quarter of the US flag to give the US flag respectful prominence. The 5″x8″ polyknit flag uses strong hook-and-loop fasteners to keep it attached to the antenna of a motorcycle going highway speeds.

Ron was quite pleased with the results and is now proudly flying the new hybrid flag whenever he heads south for a ride.

Here’s the flag in action:


We liked it so much, we decided to print more to add to our stock! You can buy the USA/Canadian combo antenna flag here.

West 4th Avenue’s Kits Me banner contest photos

Street banner jobs run the gamut from single design, one color screen prints to 1600 banners of 5 different designs (more on that soon!) to 89 different digitally printed designs. When Kits House, West 4th Avenue BIA, and other Kitsilano associations ran the “Kits Me” banner contest, we got the pleasure of sorting out the winners of the story contest and putting their photos on one of seven colour backgrounds. This was an ambitious project on our end since it required some meticulous planning to organize that many different design files, get them printed, and then make sure they made it up on the correct pole (we tried to honour people’s requests to put their banner in certain areas of 4th Avenue if at all possible). The banners were printed on Echotex®, our 100% recycled banner fabric.

Here’s a shot of some of the banners that are up:

See our full Facebook gallery here along with a map of who’s located where. There are still a few banners missing but we’ll add them soon.

The banners are up now until the end of October and after they come down, the participants get to keep their banner. If you think this contest was cool, watch this space for more details. You might get a chance to get your own street banner on 4th!

Here’s the list of media coverage we’ve had so far:

Banner redesign? We can do that.

When the Punjabi Market on Main Street wanted new street banners to replace some of their aging ones, there was a bit of a kerfuffle with getting the original artwork from 2003. Our marketing manager/designer/all around wunderkind, Crystal, was given the task of ensuring that the new art had all the same elements as the old art but modernized to take advantage of being digitally printed instead of screenprinted like the originals. As you can see, the original design was less intricate while the new design is more vibrant and detailed.

Original design from 2003   New design now up in Punjabi Market

Also, she did this in about 90 minutes in case you were wondering about the sheer amount of talent we have on board here.

Some of our Flag Shop franchise owners quoted in the news

Betty at The Flag Shop London discusses the run on Canadian flags for Canada Day in London’s Free Press.

Phyllis at The Flag Shop Edmonton was contacted for a story about a 1967 Canadian Centennial flag found in a basement and brought out for Canada Day this year.