City of Richmond street banner unveiling

The winners of Richmond’s annual street banner design contest will be on display soon across the city. This year had several themes which will correspond to specific zones within Richmond: Parks and Nature, Transportation, Active Living, Arts Culture & Heritage, and City Centre. The city has posted a few sneak peeks of the banners from their unveiling ceremony where they congratulated the winners.

We made the 900 banners here and most of them are printed on Echotex® which is a 100% recycled fabric made specifically for banners. Here are a few of the winners posing with their banners.

We will put up photos of the banners in action once they are up!


All photos are the property of the City of Richmond Parks and Recreation Department.

Beyond the Bag Eco-fashion Showcase

Last week, we attended the Beyond the Bag Eco-Fashion Showcase out at SFU’s Surrey campus to see what it looks like when a team of excessively creative high school sewing students take old banners and scrap fabric and turn them into wearable art as part of the Banner Bags program. The results were mind-blowingly good. The participants made everything from a dress with a full bustle to an umbrella cover to a messenger bag. Our gallery on Facebook has photos of some of the clothes on display.

Here is a photo of the banner we made for them:

Banner Bags team

Congratulations to the winners