New Brunswick earns a badge in banner making

A few months ago, the New Brunswick shop had put together a marketing campaign targeted to campgrounds. Part of that included a spiffy header image of a tent and three flags flying above it. Originally the three flags were Canada, New Brunswick, and Acadia, but after the St. Michael’s Scout troop saw it, they thought it would be great with the Scouts logo in place of the Acadian flag. Since we live to accommodate, we made a new version of the image just for them which was then printed on vinyl for their troop. They look pretty happy with it!

Banner for Saint Michaels Scouts

Banner for Saint Michaels Scouts

Common Thread and The Flag Shop team up to tackle social and environmental ills

If you have been to The Flag Shop Vancouver office on Powell and seen the majestic sweep of our production facility (seriously, it’s glorious; we love it), you know we have quite a bit of room. Rather than putting in a foosball table or a hot tub, we have given some of that space over to the Common Thread Cooperative so that they have a place to set up their sewing equipment which they use for their Banners-to-Bags program among other sewing projects they take on.

The Flag Shop founded the “Banner to Bags” program in the early 1990s, and worked with Coast Mental Health to develop their program Sewing with Heart, where individuals are trained in sewing as a means to re-enter the workforce. In 2009, Susan and Melanie Conn along with Coast Mental Health, Devco, the Women’s Economic Council and EMBERS founded Common Thread which provides job skills to individuals who thrive in a more flexible workplace environment by training them to sew used street banners into reusable bags. We allocate a portion of our production facilities to Common Thread at no charge, and we encourage our customers to have Common Thread “repurpose” their street banners into bags, once their banners are no longer needed.

The United Nations has declared 2012 to be the International Year of Cooperatives. Both The Flag Shop and Common Thread will be participating. Common Thread is offering a 10% discount on tote bag orders if you order 2,000 bags before August 15th. Contact Melanie Conn at 604-736-0935 or find out more on Common Thread’s site at

Susan has recently joined the Co-op’s board of directors where she acts as Secretary-Treasurer. The other two directors are Melanie Conn (President) from Devco Cooperative Training and Development and Jenette MacArthur (Vice-President) from The Kettle Friendship Society. The board provides overall direction to Common Thread as well as many kinds of support in the operation of the business.

The Flag Shop is working on its own exciting project for IYC 2012 so stay tuned to find out more about our participation!

Canuck flags are bigger than ever!

Here’s something to raise your spirits after last night’s… well, let’s not even talk about it.

Friday night, after everyone had left for the day, Susan got a request for some extra-large Canucks flags from The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. We carry a fair number of Canucks flags (well, usually… we’re a little low at the moment), but not in 6’x12′. The hotel forwarded the email correspondence showing they had permission to have extra large Canuck flags made – a rarity, since most people love to tell us they have permission, but when pressed, can’t prove it. Susan double-checked with the Canucks, and after receiving an email confirmation, put the paperwork together on Saturday. Monday morning the order went into production, and a mere 26 hours later, we have this beautiful 6′ x 12′ Canuck flags, which will be up and flying soon along with two other 4.5’x9′ flags.

6' by 12' Canucks flag

West Vancouver – Always thinking ahead

West Vancouver recently received recognition from the United Nations as a Global Green City – something we do not find at all surprising here. When the Vancouver 2010 Olympic banner program was being finalized, West Vancouver decided opt out of the bulk order that VANOC was place and instead have their Olympic banners printed on Echotex (our 100% recycled banner textile), as part of their committment to sustainability.  Naturally, this enthusiasm for the environment has bled over into other aspects of their municipality and now they have the official recognition to prove it.  On April 8th in New York City, the United Nations awarded West Vancouver a Medal Certificate and recognition as a Global Green City.

So congratulations, West Van! Keep up the good work.

Here are their Olympic street banners printed on Echotex:

West Vancouver Olympic Banner - 1 West Vancouver Olympic Banner - 2 West Vancouver Olympic Banner - 3 West Vancouver Olympic Banner - 4

Read about West Vancouver’s award here.

As promised – Susan and Michael G’s interview with Dave Gerry for TelusTV

A few weeks ago before things REALLY started looking up for the Canucks, Susan and Michael Goslin were interviewed (separately) for a Telus TV piece on Canucks flags around Vancouver. Here is the finished video piece: