Spotlight on: Edmonton – Nijmegen March

Here is a story from Phyllis, the owner of the Edmonton Flag Shop regarding some work they did for the Alberta military as they prepared for the Nijmegen March in the Netherlands last year.

“We were approached by the Edmonton Garrison last spring to supply flags for this event.  We recommended sizes to them, and expedited the flags which were made in a very short period of time.  They appreciated the efforts that we expended for them, and reciprocated by having this plaque made for us inscribed “To The Flag Shop in appreciation for your support of the 2010 Nijmegen marches”.  In the photo, the man on the right is Peter MacKay – Minister of Defense. It occupies a place of honour in our retail area.”

Plaque honouring The Flag Shop Edmonton
Edmonton Plaque Inscription

The annual Nijmegen Marches are a rigorous and prestigious endurance event in which Canada has participated since 1952. During the Marches the participants complete a four-day march of 40 km per day while in combat uniform and carrying a minimum rucksack load of 10-kg. The event draws over 40,000 marchers from 50 different nations every year and has over 1 million spectators along its 160-km route. The Marches begin on July 19th this year, and 2011 marks the 95th time the Marches have taken place since 1909.

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We are all Canucks

As you may know, it is playoffs season for the NHL. As you may not know, we’re big Canucks fans over here – especially at The Flag Shop office here in Vancouver. However, Telus Community Programming did notice and stopped by to interview Susan this afternoon about the frenzy surrounding the Canucks’ latest bid for the Stanley Cup.


Susan Braverman, The Flag Shop

Susan prepares for her interview with Dave Gerry of TELUS Community Programming while Account Manager Michael Goslin looks on.

We’ll let you know when it airs!

P.S. We still have plenty of Canucks flags in our Vancouver store.

Spotlight on: New Brunswick – Acadian Flags

The Flag Shop has 13 franchises across Canada. Our New Brunswick store has this story to share about one of their biggest jobs.

Acadian flags are a pretty standard order in the New Brunswick Flag Shop – the second best seller behind Canadian flags, in fact, but orders for a 30 foot by 60 foot flag are anything but standard. When Saint-Louis-de-Kent decided to mark the 125th anniversary of the designing and adoption of the Acadian flag by ordering an impressively large Acadian flag, The Flag Shop and its manager Belinda Gagne had quite the challenge.

The challenge was two-fold – one, they had to make an unprecedentedly large flag, and two, they had to install an unprecedentedly large flag pole. The large Acadian flag – which has the same design as the French flag but with a gold star on the hoist side – was sewn together from many different panels and weighs over 60 pounds by itself. The flagpole needed to extend 130 feet in the air and have a great deal of concrete poured to support the weight of the seven ton shaft. It took several weeks to get the pole installed in time for the inaugural flag raising on November 8, 2009 which was greeted with much ceremony including a two weeks of festivities in the run up to the flag raising.

130 foot Flag Pole - New Brunswick Large Acadian Flag in New Brunswick

The large flag is put away every winter to protect it from the harsh weather and brought out again in the spring. It requires about fifteen people to keep the flag off of the ground while it is being raised. The Flag Shop New Brunswick has since made a second flag to reduce the amount of wear – a common concern with larger flags.

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